Romano Museum

We can do more Together!

Romano Museum

An initiative that helps preserve, promote and develop Roma culture.

In the absence of a physical museum, I considered it very important to create a virtual museum of Roma culture, which can be visited both by Roma and non-Roma from Romania, as well as by Roma and non-Roma from any corner of the planet, a fact that makes it, the little by the degree of accessibility, even more important than a physical museum.

The Virtual Museum of Roma Culture was created within the project "We can do more Together!".

About the project

The "Together" Agency Foundation with its partners, the National Center for Roma Culture - Romano Kher, the "Amare Rromentza" Roma Center Association, the Botoșani Marginalized Communities Association, the Făgăraș Roma Association, the DANROM Făurei Association, the "Buzău Community Development Agency" Association , the Ursari Roma Association from Dagâța, implements the project "We can do more Together", during the period 01.01.2021-28.02.2023.  

This project aims to support the empowerment of 2200 Roma nationally, using a bottom-up approach, where Roma citizens are at the center, learning to actively contribute to solving community problems and making themselves heard their voice. The approach of this project is innovative, changing the social perspective frequently used in public policies and the media portrayal of the group from an ethnic perspective of the Roma as a resource for Romania's development.


We thank, from our hearts, to all who helped us to create the Virtual Museum of Rromani Culture:

Foundation “Together” Community Development Agency, project’s coordinator


National Center for Roma Culture – Romano Kher

Association of Marginalized Communities Botoșani

Association of Roma from Făgăraș

DANROM Făurei Association

“Community Development Agency Buzău” Association

Association of Bear-Tamers Roma from Dagâța

Contracted company::

Hobbit Media

Institutions that became partners or which we cooperated with to create the museum::

National Museum of the Romanian Peasant

National Museum of Agriculture from Slobozia

National History Museum of Romania

Museum of Bucharest

ASTRA National Museum Complex

Rroma leaders, activists, traditional craftsmen, writers, visual artists, musicians, actors and people of culture

Special thanks to the experts who did the translation into English, respectively into Rromani, of museum’s guide’s texts:

Victoria Ducu

Sorin Sandu

Special thanks to the experts who created the museum’s voice-over in English, Rromani and Romanian languages:

Oana Rusu

Alexandru Fifea

Sorin Sandu

Mariana Sandu

Special thanks to the artist who created the original music for the museum:

Marian Călin

Virtual Museum of Roma Culture

The project benefits from a grant of €897,454 provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norwegian Grants under the Local Development Programme.