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Who are the Roma? What is Romani culture? These are questions that, for many centuries, humanity has not been able to answer, and instead of searching, analyzing, understanding, scientific research, and respect for otherness, it has preferred to place, prejudices, and stereotypes due to ignorance and racial hatred against the Roma.

Moreover, even when Roma’s research began, it was not only not emic, but not even ethical, often violating both professional deontology and moral values of Roman culture. Not a century has passed since the enlightened minds of the Roma people initiated self-analysis or emic research of the Roma identity. Only in this way could the truth be told about the Roma: through the Roma themselves.

Cultura rromani este una dintre cele mai vechi culturi ale omenirii, având ancestrale rădăcini indo-ariene şi bizantino-frigiene, fără însă a uita contribuția importantă a culturii persane la etnogeneza poporului rrom.

dr. Delia Grigore/ Translation: Victoria Ducu

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