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Holocaust against Rroma

The Holocaust against the Roma: The forgotten Holocaust - forgotten by society, being hidden from it by the racist state, the Forgotten Holocaust - forgotten by the state in order not to take responsibility for the extermination of the Roma, the forgotten Holocaust - hidden in the deep and unhealed wounds in the traumatized soul of the Roma survivors , for whom the Roma ethnic identity became an internalized stigma and crushed their self-image. What's left is the fear of being Roma: "Don't say you're Roma! If they come to pick us up again and take us to Bug, what will we do?!?"

The Holocaust against the Romanian Roma was not imported from Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, not for nothing. The Holocaust against the Roma in Romania was an autochthonous phenomenon, which was born and grew in the Romanian collective mentality, marked by hatred and contempt for the Roma since ancient times, from the time of the Slavery of the Roma - half a millennium of Slavery.

For the Roma in Romania, the Holocaust represented EXTERMINATION, it was the culmination of a history of institutionalized racism, a state of fact that overlapped, from a chronological point of view, with the very existence of the Roma in the Romanian space.

dr. Delia Grigore

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